Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Looking at Lithuania"

This has been interesting to say the least; it's been quite busy and hectic. In the midst of the liveliness, we found a bit of time to take a trip to the library.
My little brother (who will be going into the seventh grade in the fall) needs to do some summer reading to stay on track. I didn't think about looking at books to research Lithuania, but while we were there it dawned on me that I probably should. Up to this point, I had only been researching online for myself. So I ran a search and located a short, family-friendy book. I figured we could all look at it together, and of course, my grandmother was very glad about that.

The book I checked out contains brief history and information about the geography, the people, the cuisine, and more. We started reading it together, and it's been very informative and beneficial so far, granted the book is a little dated.
It's just about two weeks until I leave, so I think it's been a great idea to help my family learn a little bit more about where I'm going.

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