Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Only the Beginning...

This week, everything has really started to hit me. It's all so much more real now.
Monday, I wired the tuition money to ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius. From then on, everything was much more definite than it had been before.
I'm really doing this! I can hardly believe it!
Yesterday, on my nineteenth birthday, I gave a gift to myself, plane tickets. I had been thinking about going to Europe early and going somewhere before I head to Vilnius. If I can, why not, right? This opportunity may not come around again. So the first ticket I bought was from here in Denver to London. I will be leaving on Monday, June 25. That's right around the corner, really! From London, I'll be going to Vilnius, arriving late on Friday night, June 29. I'm sure I'll meet with Tony and Shasta Miller soon after I arrive, and classes will start on Monday, July 2. You cannot even fathom my excitement, I assure you!

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