Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 4th of July!

Yesterday was the 4th of July (American Independence Day). The other American students recruited the Portuguese students to help celebrate. So last night, while the majority of the students went out and/or stayed in drinking, I helped out at the church. Although I admit, I do feel like "the odd one out" almost every night while basically all of the other students engage in drinking and or going out, I'm making my own fun.
After leaving the church, Giedre and I walked around for a while. She showed me a hidden path that leads to a hill overlooking old town Vilnius. The sun was going down, and it looked absolutely beautiful! We talked about all kinds of things; I can't help but be grateful to have found such a good friend so far from home.

This morning, most of the students were at least a little out of it from the night before. Personally, I had a great time without the partying, and without the side effects.
Tomorrow, some of us are meeting at ISM at 7 am to head out to Tallinn, Estonia. We will have a short lecture on Estonian history, a tour of the Skype corporation, and return to Vilnius late on Sunday, if I understand correctly. While this means missing both "youth night" tomorrow and probably church with the Millers on Sunday, I am excited to be going.
The feelings of homesickness have gradually been fading, and I just feel glad to be here.

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