Friday, July 27, 2012

The Longest Day of my Life

When I say, "The Longest Day of my Life," I mean it quite literally. Thursday, July 26, was 31 hours for me. It started probably around the time I was getting my things together at camp. I left with Adyva and Darius after midnight, went to the Millers' house to get my bigger suitcase, went to Adyva and Darius's apartment, repacked everything, showered, slept for about 30 minutes, and got up to go to the airport. My flight left at 5:35am. I slept for another 30 minutes on the way to Kiev, Ukraine, and once there, I actually went through passport control so I could leave the airport during my 6 and a half hour layover.
Maryna, who I'd met at ISM, came to the airport to meet me, and we took a bus to a subway station, then a subway to the city center. We got to walk around and talk for a couple hours before turning back and making the nearly hour-long journey back to the airport. It was a good way to pass the time, and a lot better than spending 6 hours in the airport.
My flight to New York left at 1:35pm. My time was spent cramming in Bible verse after Bible verse, still preparing for nationals. The flight arrived to JFK airport around 5:40 that evening, making it a little more than 11 hours total.
By this point, I was completely exhausted, and by the time I got to my hotel, I made a few phone calls and called it a night at after 11pm.

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